Feeling Very Proud of Myself

Why am I so proud you ask? Well, last week I did a thing.

I was independent and strong and I took 2 of my kids to the Museum of Natural History in NYC without Eddie coming to help me. It was a big trip for me to do without help. We had a 60 mile drive (1+ hours). I brought my scooter and had to manage getting it in and out of my car, assembling it, and rolling down the streets of NYC. We toured the Museum for about 3 hours, then headed back.

It was such a nice outing with my kids that I always fantasized doing. I was so afraid, but I did it and I’m so proud of myself. I was independent in a way that I haven’t been in over 10 years. The first with my kids. It gives me confidence to see what else I can do! We shall see.


2 responses to “Feeling Very Proud of Myself”

  1. Bridget O’Brate Avatar
    Bridget O’Brate

    Great job Meredith, you did awesome! This would be very difficult for me. I admire your strength 💪


  2. So great when you turn the table on a disease and it can’t hold you back! So happy for you!


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