Vacation, Covid, then Flare

We recently returned from a 10 day family vacation. It was a lot of work, but enjoyable. Of course, I pushed myself too hard and I’m paying for it now. No surprise there. We’ve been back about 2 weeks now and half of us tested positive for Covid. It started with my youngest while we […]

One Month In

It’s been about a month since starting my experiment. Today is day 3 between doses. I get to take my magical micro dose tomorrow, and I am very much looking forward to it. Today I am feeling a little extra tired. I am disappointed that my energy isn’t holding up as well as the first […]

Mushroom Journal 2: Microdose Day

Microdose Day… I lost count because I messed up the system the first week. Let’s call this Microdose week 2. I was very much looking forward to taking my dose today. Yesterday was day 3 between doses and I definitely noticed it. I was dragging more. Lacking energy. Very worn out and tired. My head […]

Mushroom Journal #1

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve started my journey with mushrooms to improve my brain and physical health. I’m very impressed with the results so far and am very intrigued to see what else I can learn! I’ve been taking Lion’s Mane mushrooms for about 2 weeks. This particular blend also includes other known […]

The Magic of Psilocybin

I came across some very interesting studies regarding psychedelics being used for mental health. I immediately started watching documentaries, reading books, and online journals, etc. to learn as much as possible about these psychedelics, specifically psilocybin. I learned about microdosing magic mushrooms for better overall mental health and well being. So I decided to be […]

I Must Be Crazy

*I wrote this a few weeks ago. I’m finally posting it now. Yesterday I got the crazy idea in my head that I should go back to college to pursue a degree in psychology. I’ve always been into the sciences, and human psychology is definitely interesting to me. I was thinking of studying independently at […]


Today is a better day. A stark contrast from 2 days ago. The sun came out and I can see goodness, although my view of the world is still a bit skewed. My depression is still lingering but it is much lighter today. Dare I say I’m on the upswing. I did finally reach out […]


I feel like I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown. My thoughts are spiraling out of control again. Negative thoughts. Ugly thoughts. Wondering who I really am. Feeling lost. Confused. Not sure who I am. Did I ever know who I was? When I was a teenager I was blissfully unaware of life and […]

Same Old Story

Today is day seven of total exhaustion. After breakfast I lay down on the couch and I sleep very deeply for about four hours until my kids come home from school. Then I try my absolute hardest to wake myself up out of a coma-like state to be functional for my children. Even then I’m […]

I Have No More Fight Left

I fought for a long time. I fought to be equal. I fought for respect. I fought to survive. I fought for success and to keep moving forward. I was full of fight. Everyday, for most of my life. I fought as hard as I could. Starting in elementary school, I fought to get through […]


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