Same Old Story

Today is day seven of total exhaustion. After breakfast I lay down on the couch and I sleep very deeply for about four hours until my kids come home from school. Then I try my absolute hardest to wake myself up out of a coma-like state to be functional for my children. Even then I’m […]

I Have No More Fight Left

I fought for a long time. I fought to be equal. I fought for respect. I fought to survive. I fought for success and to keep moving forward. I was full of fight. Everyday, for most of my life. I fought as hard as I could. Starting in elementary school, I fought to get through […]

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It’s 12:14 pm on Wednesday as I’m sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast. I’m enjoying a bacon and egg sandwich with my cup of tea. Chopin’s Nocturne No 1 in B Flat Minor plays around me. One of my favorites! I like to listen to classical music as I begin my day. It […]

Dec 28, 2021

Today is 3 days past Christmas and my house has officially been restored to non-holiday status. Its nice to see everything put away and the clutter removed, but now my house looks sterile and empty. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring out some stuff from storage and do some simple non-holiday decorating again. In February I’ll decorate […]

Focus Inward

In light of my most recent discovery about myself, I’ve been reevaluating myself and my social interactions. I’ve spent my whole life trying to be social and have friends while always wondered what was wrong with me that I couldn’t do it like everybody else. I could never understand why it took so much effort […]

A Life of Confusion…

At 40 years old I’ve discovered that I have Autism. There, I said it! I feel ridiculous saying it at all. But it is the truth. It has been my truth all along but I never knew it. This explains why I’ve always had so many problems with myself and why I’ve hated myself for […]

When There is No One

I read a lot of motivational quotes and sayings about general positivity, mindfulness, etc. One thing that I often see is about the importance of having a loving and supportive circle of friends. How having friends can help me to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilled life. I hear people discuss how they’d be lost […]

Trying to Live Life

It’s 8:23 PM on a Sunday. I’m sitting here eating one of my favorite “healthy” snacks which is apple slices dipped in caramel sauce with crumbled pecans. This has been one of my favorite desserts lately. Last week was busy. Hockey game in the city on Monday, errands everyday in between, concert in the city […]

The End of Summer

Once again, I’ve waited far too long to write and give updates. Now I’m overwhelmed with what to write. So much to share… I’ll just start and see where it takes me. This was a great summer for me, yet I still have so much I wanted to do but didn’t get to for one […]

I am Only Human

Yesterday I was sitting on my lounger next to the pool watching my 6 year old son and my 5 year old nephew swim together…   I’m  amused by their imagination as they make up random scenarios to act out together.  It is early September and the weather is very mild.  It is a comfortable […]


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