I Feel Like a New Person!

I feel like a new person!! I keep trying to remind myself not to get too attached because I’m sure it is only temporary, but WOW!! I feel like I’ve been healed. I feel like a normal, healthy person. It feels too good to be true! I’ve actually cried from happiness, like a wish came true! I feel better than I have in over 10 years!! Even my ADHD symptoms, which have been driving me crazy for years have improved!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’d know that I like to experiment with various medications/remedies. Conventional medicine has failed me over and over again. I’ve tried over 40 different medicines, including multiple IV infusions and daily self injections. The only thing that ever made any difference was Prednisone. But we all know how bad that is. All of these drugs come with dangerous risks and side effects. Still I tried.

I currently take Plaquenil and Meloxicam. I’ve taken Plaquenil for years. I’m not sure if it’s actually making any difference, but I’ve been too afraid to stop it, knowing how sick I can actually get. The Meloxicam was started for my shoulder and back pain. It definitely helps with the pain without making me high. I did notice (maybe coincidently) that I felt noticeably better while taking the Meloxicam, probably because it is an anti-inflammatory. Not 100%, but more like 75% better. Still a huge improvement! I’d still have the occasional bad day or a few days, but overall more functional in general. That wasn’t enough. I wanted more!!

A few months ago, I did my hyper-fixation thing and started researching natural remedies. I actually stumbled upon some really cool stuff accidentally and it changed everything for me!! It opened up a world of information and discovery that I couldn’t get enough of! I needed to learn everything I could about this stuff so I binged everything from documentaries, Youtube, Books, podcasts, Scientific and medical journals and studies. I spent days and weeks completely immersed in information until I felt confident enough to put it to use.

*Please keep in mind that I am always the skeptic. I like to test things out with the expectation that it will fail. I test for a few weeks, then stop for a few weeks, then test again. I like to look for consistent results that are not coincidental. I always say I’m my own lab rat.

My accidental discovery was about psychedelics. More specifically Psilocybin. Yes, Magic Mushrooms! On Netflix, I found “How to Change your Mind”. It opened my eyes to the magic of psilocybin and its incredible healing powers. Studies (LOTS of them) have shown that it heals mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, as well as physical ailments. The best part is, you don’t have to consume enough to trip. Look up the term “microdosing”. There is a wealth of information detailing the health benefits of microdosing psilocybin. You basically take a tenth of a full dose (so .1-.3 grams) every 4 days. This small amount does not cause any psychoactive effects, so no hallucinations. However, it does cause changes in the body that are quite noticeable in the best way. With the very first dose I felt instantly better. I had a sense of calm, my thoughts were very clear and organized. I felt awake and creative. Energetic and fresh. I feel like the world around me was more vibrant and beautiful. The feeling lasted about 2-3 days. By the 4th day I could tell it was time for my next dose. I researched and found that taking less than 4 days makes it less effective because our body builds a tolerance. This means if you take it less than that, the dose would need to be doubled each time to notice anything. 4 days seems to be enough for the body to start over again. I eventually tried a larger dose out of curiosity and had some fun with that, but it still was not a full trip. I only want to do that in a controlled environment because that’s the best way to get the true healing effects. Believe it or not, there are clinics everywhere that facilitate safe trips (for a price, of course). They provide a safe environment with trained facilitators to keep you comfortable and calm. The only thing is you have to provide the psychedelics. I definitely want to try this one day!

Then I learned about other mushrooms. Not magic, but certain edible powerhouse mushrooms that heal. I learned about the power of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, and a few others that have been used throughout human history as medicine. More research pointed me to a mushroom supplement that has a combination of 5 of the best mushrooms (pictured below). So I bought a bottle (about $50 on Amazon) and took my first dose. Within about 2 hours I could feel a difference. Very similar to the magic mushrooms, I felt energized, bright, vibrant, organized, motivated. I was amazed at how effective it was. I stopped taking it after a week, then started again a week after that to test its effectiveness. This supplement definitely works! Amazed!! Now I take these every day except on micro dose days.

Seeing how effective the mushrooms were, I decided to dig deeper. With further research I found that taking Qunol CoQ10 100mgs and L-Lysine were known to help Sjogren’s patients. So I tried those and was again amazed at how good I felt. I had ENERGY! I already take about 60mgs of Charlotte’s Web CBD each morning. I take another 10mg of CBD in the afternoon to give me a little boost during my afternoon lull. The combination of all of these things is like my magic bullet! I can’t believe how alive I feel now!!

With my new energy, I’ve started working on making my body healthy and strong. I found a type of exercise that I can tolerate. It’s kind of my own hybrid of yoga and pilates. It is fairly low intensity but with results that I can already see and feel. I do little bits throughout the day, like a few stretches, squats, pushups, etc. Then usually in the evening I’ll spend about 20-30 minutes doing a full workout, and lots of stretching too. I also try to ride my recumbent bike each day for about 15 mins. I’ve been at it for over a month now and I’m noticing a difference in my strength, stamina, and flexibility. The crazy thing to me is, in the past if I worked out I’d tire within minutes and feel completely depleted and weak. Now I feel strong and energized, like I could keep going. I haven’t felt that since I was in my early 20’s.

The next thing I did was modify my diet a bit more. I’m already gluten free and lactose free (both medically necessary). I generally avoid artificial and processed foods. I almost never eat junk food or candy at this point. I try my best to eat as much natural stuff as possible. Things that grow like fruits, veggies, greens, nuts, seeds, herbs, grains, meats, and limited dairy. I also don’t deep fry foods. I only eat a very limited selection just because of previous exposures. I did some more research to learn how to prepare and eat more varieties of veggies and greens. I learned about sprouts and micro greens and started adding those to my diet. I drink herbal teas. I also learned about medicinal herbs and greens that are all around us that we consider common weeds. It blows my mind that so much food and medicine is all around us and considered pests. Just today I was in the grocery store and found dandelion greens in the produce dept for $3.49/lb! People pay to remove those from their lawn! So now I’ve started including these items in my diet and arsenal of herbal remedies.

I know all of this sounds completely ridiculous! All I can say is, I feel HEALED because of these things, which clearly means they work!! The best part is, unlike conventional medicine, there are no major side effects. I remember one drug in particular that I tried came with a risk of a fatal brain infection. I was scared to death every time I had to take it. Natural medicine is not like that.

*I realize this could all be a temporary improvement, but I am hopeful that this will last a while and I can enjoy every last drop of feeling good!!

While I can’t guarantee these things will work for you, I can say with absolute certainty that it worked for me. It also works for a number of other people, as evidenced by the studies I’ve seen. Please do your own research before trying anything new, but consider using my plan as a roadmap towards wellness. Good Luck!


4 responses to “I Feel Like a New Person!”

  1. Great news! Has it given you any changes in dry eyes or dry mouth?


    1. Haven’t noticed changes with that. I just feel better overall. Not sick and fatigued anymore


  2. I saw your post in facebook and read it to the end dreading to see the words: “and then I woke up”. I feel so happy for you! Wishing you to stay on the right track and reclaim your health 🙂


  3. Thank for this information. I’ve recently changed my diet to “low glutamate” foods. I do feel calmer and a bit more engery some days. I wish I could find a list of foods and recipes to make it easier.


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