About Me

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Meredith.  I’m a mother of 4 boys living in NY on Long Island.  I suffer from a chronic illness called Sjogren’s Syndrome.  It is a debilitating autoimmune disease which has wreaked havoc on my body, causing me to become disabled and mostly housebound.  I also recently discovered that I have Autism. Most days for me are about survival and caring for my children.  My older boys are twins, one of which also has autism.  These are challenges that I must try to overcome each day, but I am thankful for my family.  I’m thankful to have a loving husband who is able to help and provide a comfortable life for us.  We are thankful for all of his hard work and dedication.

I’m not a writer by any means, but I wanted to make this blog as an outlet for all the noise in my head, as well as something to focus on to keep my brain from melting into a pile of mush.  I also hope my thoughts and experiences will help others out there with similar struggles.  Some of my posts will be like a public diary, some will be advice or guidance to anyone reading them.  Some posts will be dark and sad, some will be uplifting and inspiring.  I’m just going to write according to whatever mood I’m feeling at the time.  

It’s a bumpy ride, but hopefully you find it helpful or entertaining.  Enjoy!

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