One Month In

It’s been about a month since starting my experiment. Today is day 3 between doses. I get to take my magical micro dose tomorrow, and I am very much looking forward to it. Today I am feeling a little extra tired. I am disappointed that my energy isn’t holding up as well as the first 2 weeks. That could be from any number of factors. I could be flaring, for example. Also my monthly cycle causes my symptoms to flare. I fear its like the CBD, where it worked great in the beginning until my body got used to it and it wasn’t as effective. My energy is improved overall, but when the fatigue hits, it hits. It’s like I can do more during my few hours of energy, but then I crash and burn.

I was getting discouraged and considering this experiment a failure until I remember why I started taking psilocybin in the first place. I was after mental clarity. I was trying to treat my ADHD and brain fog. I wasn’t actually expecting any physical effects. The increased energy was just a bonus in this case. The Lion’s Mane and Psilocybin mushrooms have definitely helped me with my mental clarity and focus. It lifted the brain fog. I can even multitask now. Let me explain.

Normally planning any meal, especially dinner is enough to completely overwhelm me and cause me to shut down. Real home made dinners had become very infrequent. Maybe once a week or less. Years ago I made real home made dinners every single night. Now, since microdosing I’ve been making proper dinners 3-5 nights a week (depending on our schedule). Coming up with meals and using leftovers is a piece of cake now. Grocery shopping is easier and more successful now as I can plan meals on the fly and be clear about what exactly I need. This may seem simple, but not for me. Seriously the level of stupid that I had become is just embarrassing. Last night I came up with a meal at the last second. While cooking it, as well as my son’s alternate meal, I also cleaned the kitchen and did a simple craft project. That NEVER happens. I noticed I’ve been more creative and crafty too. I’ve been picking through yard sales and thrift stores and DIYing projects with my finds. Today I tried whitewashing a wooden tray that I bought yesterday for $1.99. It looks great!! I love the motivation I have now. I just hate that my body can’t keep up with it.

I’m so proud of myself. I thought I was just stupid and hopeless. My brain was just underperforming. Taking these supplements, in combination with Cannabis has already made such a difference in my life! I am starting to have confidence again in my ability to function like a normal human being… at least cognitively anyway. I wish it would have helped my physical symptoms more, but it is what it is. I was looking for cognitive improvement and that’s what I got! I am thankful!

I took the kids fishing

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  1. That’s great it’s still working and doing what you needed it to do most!


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