Mushroom Journal 2: Microdose Day

Microdose Day… I lost count because I messed up the system the first week. Let’s call this Microdose week 2. I was very much looking forward to taking my dose today. Yesterday was day 3 between doses and I definitely noticed it. I was dragging more. Lacking energy. Very worn out and tired. My head was becoming foggy again. I was beginning to feel like my old self again, which is NOT a good thing. I was missing my energy that has been so amazing since I started my experiment last week. The magic had definitely left my body by the end of day 3. Today, within about an hour of microdosing, I noticed my energy return in abundance. My overall feeling at this moment (2pm) is energetic (but not jittery), thoughtful, motivated, eager, creative, happy, giddy, and grateful. I feel like I want to do EVERYTHING! I want to learn and experience everything! I normally feel like this, but much more intensely now.

A few days ago I was so energetic and alive that I decided to finally paint my master bedroom after living here for almost 2 years. I do all the painting myself. I don’t let my husband or kids help. I need to be in the zone without interruptions. My bedroom is large with lots of corners, windows, and doors, so it was a massive undertaking. My husband helped me move the furniture and we removed all the outlet and light switch covers. After eight hours of climbing up and down the ladder, crouching, and kneeling, I was finally done… with the main color. I still have to go back and paint all the trim white, but that’ll have to be another day. The room went from a lifeless beige color to a vibrant, rich, dark denim blue. It looks amazing with all the white furniture. I am satisfied for now with the massive color change. I needed to see a change cuz I get bored easily especially with my surroundings. After the trim, I’ll start searching for curtains. That should keep me satiated for a bit.

Physically, I feel pretty good today. My aches and pains are minimal. My fatigue is almost non-existing. I don’t feel sick. I’m hungry rather than nauseous. Sadly, my walking is still limited, but slightly improved. I feel like my body is trying to fight its weakness. It wants to go, but my muscles aren’t strong enough to keep up. I feel like I want to go hiking in the woods, but my legs just won’t keep up. Maybe with regular use that can improve. I do feel the urge to exercise, but I’m afraid to bun out all of my energy too quickly. I still have to be cautious with my diseased body. I told my husband I identify as a 75 year old lady physically. I’ve accepted that I am fragile. My heart would rather believe I am still 20 years old. This is a lot of my inner conflict. This battle has existed for the last 15-20 years. I’m over it at this point.

I am still amazed at how well this has worked, even after only a short time. I read that it can take about 2 weeks of regular microdosing to get the full effect. I’m only starting the 2nd week now. Very excited to see how much better this can get. Either way, I’m absolutely loving this feeling!!!


2 responses to “Mushroom Journal 2: Microdose Day”

  1. Happy to hear this is working! Look forward to see if this lasts so I can see if this is for me. As I sit here with so much fatigue I long for the energy you are getting.


  2. Thanks for your updates. This is great following you through the experiment. So glad that it’s working for you so far.


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