Mushroom Journal #1

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve started my journey with mushrooms to improve my brain and physical health. I’m very impressed with the results so far and am very intrigued to see what else I can learn!

I’ve been taking Lion’s Mane mushrooms for about 2 weeks. This particular blend also includes other known boosters like Chaga, Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms. I’ve also been microdosing psilocybin for about a week (once every 4 days as described by Dr. James Fadiman).

Immediately, I’ve noticed that I have more physical and mental energy.

Mentally, I’m feeling creative, motivated, vibrant, and ready to tackle each day. I’m eager to learn, and I can think more clearly and I’m better at managing my tasks and to-do lists. I’m not walking around in a daze and always confused and overwhelmed. I feel like I can function like a normal person. I’ve started to walk around with a small notebook to record all of the ideas that keep sprouting in my mind. I also keep one next to my bed because I come up with a lot of ideas while trying to fall asleep.

Physically, I have more energy. I’m more productive during the day and my energy is lasting later into the night. I am staying up later, but able to sleep when I want to. I haven’t noticed yet if there are any other physical benefits. I do feel better overall so maybe it is doing something there. My chronic illness symptoms are still there but not always as noticeable. I feel like I’m going through a good stretch of feeling good. Not sure yet if its the mushrooms or just a coincidence of time. I will definitely be paying closer attention. I’ve read that psilocybin is good for managing chronic pain, but I’m not convinced yet. To be seen.

I’ve also read that I should feel the full benefits after about 2 weeks, so I should know more in another week. I’m hopeful. We shall see.

Please follow my blog for updates on my experiment.



2 responses to “Mushroom Journal #1”

  1. Bridget O’Brate Avatar
    Bridget O’Brate

    Thanks for sharing Meredith! I’ve wanted to try this for a couple years now but I live in Kansas and have no idea how to get ahold of psilocybin. I’m so happy for you that it seems to be making a real difference!


    1. Thank you! They actually grow everywhere. I just bought some books to learn to identify them while foraging.


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