Happy 420 Everyone!

Today is April 20th, aka 420, aka the day of celebration for stoners everywhere. I think this is a good time to talk about a subject that is becoming less taboo in recent times. Marijuana, pot, weed, 420, cannabis, reefer, grass, and the many other names that are used to describe a delightful little plant that has been misrepresented for the last 84 years.

I will admit that I partake in the activity of smoking pot pretty much daily. I refer to myself as an “unintentional pothead”. This is because I use it medically, not recreationally. That is, I use it to relieve the symptoms of my autoimmune disease and chronic pain. If I was a normal, healthy person, I’d probably only use it on occasion, similar to how people drink alcohol. I personally don’t care for alcohol. So therefore, I do not touch it. It makes me feel sick, cranky, tired, and hungover. I much prefer the feeling of a marijuana high to the drunken stupor from alcohol. It is a nicer, calmer, feeling of euphoria without the sickness and hangover that come with getting drunk.

When I smoke/vape/or eat an edible, I only take enough to relieve my symptoms. I don’t get totally stoned. It’s more like a gentle buzz. I’ve learned how to dose myself correctly most times. I also don’t “wake and bake”. I generally will wait till the afternoon and evening to get a nice little buzz. I save the stronger high for later in the evening when my kids are settling down for bed and my husband is available to help if needed. I try to save that for when I’m feeling really bad or just really frazzled from the day. Most of the time I just feel a little “nice”… enough to distract me from my symptoms. Although, if I’m having a particularly bad flare day, I’ll hit it hard pretty early to try to numb my suffering. It usually helps, even if only by taking the edge off and distracting me from my pain.

My kids know I smoke Marijuana, and they also understand that it is medicinal. I’ve educated them about why I use it, the stigma, and the correct use of it. They know that it is not for kids, just like alcohol. My kids don’t think I’m bad for using Marijuana. They said I’m actually more fun and nicer when I’m using it. I am definitely more patient and more easygoing during use. I think I’m just an overall nicer and more chill person with it.

It took me a long time to accept my frequent need for Medical Marijuana, but I’m finally ok with it… most of the time. There are definitely times I get annoyed with myself for being a “pothead”. I hate having to rely on a drug and I hate having to be high all the time. There are days when I fight it, but ultimately I have to give in because of how bad I’m feeling. I should just be thankful that I’ve found something to help me. It really is the only thing out there that works and is not harmful like Prednisone or opiates. Especially with all the research being done that points out the benefits to the body and mind. This “bad” drug that has so many medical benefits is finally being recognized and beneficial. Reminding myself of this helps me feel less disgusting for using it.

Cannabis in general (including CBD) is such a wonderful herb that helps with so many medical and mental conditions. For me, it helps my joint and muscle pain, my nausea, poor appetite, anxiety, my overall mood, and when I’m just feeling sick. It also helps me sleep when I have insomnia or painsomnia. It is relatively harmless for recreational use and is far less damaging than alcohol! I believe that if everyone smoked pot, the world would be a much more peaceful place. That’s just my opinion though…

I’m super thankful that scientists and government officials are recognizing how beneficial Cannabis really is and has made it legal in much of the US. NY (where I live) just legalized the recreational use! I already have the state card for legal medical use from a few years ago, because I don’t like being an outlaw. Now with full recreational legalization, I can really relax and just enjoy. I think this move is very progressive and will help a lot of people! It’s about time!

Anyway, Happy 420 everyone!! Please enjoy responsibly 😁✌🏻

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

5 responses to “Happy 420 Everyone!”

  1. Today is also my twin granddaughters 14th birthday. 😜 I remember when they were born and my son thought it was funny how his daughters were born on 4/20. I hadn’t a clue about what that date represented until he filled me in. Lol!
    I did smoke it a bit in my teens and twenties but never heard of it connected with that date. Shows how old I am. 👵🏻

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  2. Bridget O'Brate Avatar
    Bridget O’Brate

    Happy 420 Meredith!😆


  3. It makes me so happy to read about partaking in marijuana helps you and I also feel validated in my own frequent use of it. I was diagnosed with sjogrens last year and there are times when it is the ONLY thing that helps. And when the pain is so bad it doesnt help I grab a glass of wine to do a tiny cross fade and just drool and watch cartoons on the couch. I dont actually drool, but it allows me to compartmentalize and not focus on the horrendous pain or bone deep exhaustion. I love reading about you, your family, and your journey with sjogrens, it makes me feel not so incredibly alone.

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